At Carolina Marine Terminal we understand Time is Money. From employing The Windows Method for vessel scheduling to ensuring vessels are unloaded as efficiently as possible we work to serve our customers interests in minimizing vessel costs. Our schedules minimize berth congestion and most vessels are discharged in less than three days. Good housekeeping and continual maintenance ensure our customers products are free from contamination and our equipment is available and operating upon vessel arrival. Our experienced staff are committed to ensuring the safe and expeditious unloading of our customers vessels.

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Bulk Material Storage

Storing bulk materials efficiently requires a variety of options. At Carolina Marine Terminal, Inc. we provide the economy and flexibility of open pad storage either tarped or un-tarped, concrete domes, and timber domes atop concrete containment walls. With ample available space for construction we invite new opportunities to construct dedicated storage and warehousing facilities tailored to meet the requirements of our customers products. Our staff is here to assist in developing new storage options including pads, domes, barrel buildings, or flat storage warehouses as may provide the most efficient storage for new clients and products.

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Truck & Rail Distribution

Located just to the south of the North Carolina State Port of Wilmington, Carolina Marine Terminal, Inc. enjoys the same access to a network of major interstates and to the CSX Railroad through the short line Wilmington Terminal Railroad.

Ease of Access

Differentiating us from a state operated facility is the personalized service we provide through private ownership and the ease of access trucks have to our facility and our customers’ products. The only TWIC restricted area is our dock when vessels are in port.  Similar to the divided land side and air side facilities of an airport, truckers are free to pick up their product as taxis or family pick up arriving passengers without awaiting lines at security. Most trucks coming through CMT are scaled in, loaded, and scaled out in under twenty minutes. Our clients benefit through reduced freight charges when trucking companies are not limited to drivers with TWIC cards, and do not have a charge for lost productivity at a congested terminal.

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Quality Control

We enjoy getting to know our customers and their needs and always aim to provide services ensuring the quality of their product. With both agricultural and industrial consumers, we understand the importance of keeping products free from contamination and protected from the weather. Carolina Marine Terminal, Inc. inspects trucks and rail cars for residual products before loading. When loading railcars, we exercise and ensure gates are working properly, inspect hatches, and even add a layer of plastic beneath hatch openings to protect water sensitive products from possible leaks during transit. Our conveyors and equipment are thoroughly cleaned after each use.

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Bagging, Palletizing, Processing

Carolina Marine Terminal, Inc. continues to invest in new equipment and machinery. In late 2017, the addition of a bagging machine expanded our operation to include bagging and palletizing of products to the services we offer. As we continue to expand we welcome opportunities to work with new and existing clients to expand our offerings and the ways in which we can enhance distribution or processing of their bulk products.

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Aggregate Sales

Carolina Marine Terminal, Inc. is an NCDOT Approved Aggregate Sales Yard [CA-420].   All of our rock is granite imported from Canada.  Competitive pricing and Wilmington location make Carolina Marine Terminal, Inc. a cost-effective option for our regional customers.

Our standard stock aggregate sizes include:

  • ABC  (Aggregate Base Course)
  • #57
  • #78M
  • #4
    (Additional products may be available in stock.)
    Rip rap and other granite aggregate sizes can also be imported to meet your upcoming project’s specifications upon request.
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Developing New Facilities

Carolina Marine Terminal, Inc. was developed and constructed through its parent company Atlantic Diving & Marine Contractors, Inc. We continue to expand employing many of the same resources and personnel who planned, designed, and constructed the facilities we have today. Our vision is to continue to grow providing new facilities and services tailored to meet the needs of clients serving our state and beyond with products enhancing our economy. We invite your inquiries to see how we grow together and invest in our future.

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